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Pay federal taxes or invest that same money in real estate in a surging growth area, simple as that (tax shelter).
If it sounds too good to be true it usually is….usually.

It seems we all know friends or relatives who have made big profits during this last real estate investment boom. Or we know someone who has slowly accumulated rental investment property that have others paying rent to cover mortgage and expenses and maybe even making a profit while the property appreciates. Although there are huge profits to be made in real estate investment the years like 2007 weed out those investors who do not have the expertise to know when to get in to real estate markets and most importantly, when to get out or even those markets to avoid period.

Is now the time to get back into Florida Real Estate before the migration of baby boomers retiring there?
Real Estate Investment in Florida is booming if you know the right areas. It is very true that some areas have been oversold to investors and some areas continue to adjust downward in price due to inflated pricing. This small peninsula state has its population set to nearly double by 2030 (US Census), and smart Real Estate Investors are positioning themselves to get in before real estate inventories are depleted. The retiring baby boomers, the majority of whom plan to retire to Florida, have this Real Estate Investors Mecca buzzing about land values and potential appreciation as demand heavily outweighs supply. Real Estate Experts, and the U.S. Governments own housing website confirm that Florida Real Estate investors have made significant gains in Real Estate Investments in recent years with Investment Property. This booming market has made significant gains for all levels of Real Estate Investors and Property Investors.

Why Buy Florida Investment Property?       
"If You Want To *Build Your Wealth* and
Prepare for Retirement by Investing in Real Estate -                  
Florida is an Excellent Place to Invest!"

If you're looking for excellent investment properties to add to your investment-portfolio this year, look-no-further than the beautiful Florida properties I'm presenting on this site!

Hi my name is Jan Adams - and I specialize in helping regular people (just like you) to build wealth and prepare for retirement by investing in real estate…

I know how important it is to you to make investment decisions that will increase your net worth (without "breaking the bank" or taking too much time to manage) and that's why I've chosen Florida as one of my top-picks for investing!

Some of the main points I focus on when evaluating Florida investment property are:

* Positive Cash Flow *
Many investors are looking for investment properties that produce positive cash flow. The Florida Investment Properties on this website are very affordably priced - and depending on the type of financing you choose - they can easily produce positive cash flow for you (if that is what you want).

But there's something even more impressive than the potential for monthly positive cash flow - and that is…

* Appreciation *
Certain areas of Florida are know to be among the highest appreciating markets in the nation! This is due to a number of factors - all of which I take into careful consideration for each of the properties I'm presenting to you on this site.

Experience-investors know the value (and long-term cash flow benefits) of owning properties that are in highly-appreciating markets - and that's exactly what I'm committed to bringing to you here.

…Another important factor for real estate investors - is being able to keep your properties rented out - and Florida is great for this because of it's history of…

* High Occupancy Rates *
On average, there are nearly 600 people moving to Florida every day (that's more that 2 and a half times the amount of any other state in the nation)!

Many of these people are baby-boomers entering into the first phase of retirement (of which there will be about 18 more years of) and they ALL need places to live.

Now consider all of the jobs that exist for the entertainment and technological markets. This jobs provide many, many employees who make great and stable renter for your properties.

* Hands-Off Management *
Another one of the things I look for in Florida investment properties is onsite management. This means that your investment is cared for by an association that is always around - supporting you by maintaining your investment and keeping it consistently rented out.

* Tax Benefits *
We can't really talk about real estate investing without mentioning one of the most favorable aspects - the tax benefits!
Beware Of "Shady Agents"!

Some agents, companies, and brokers will try and "steal your sunshine" by telling you "how nice" the properties they represent are - and "what a great buy they are" - without even seeing or actually inspecting them in person!

People like this don't care about your success (or failure for that matter) - so don't let them fool you into making poor investing decisions…

I'm committed to your success and to bringing you only the finest investment properties on the market today! That's why I drove over 1000 miles across the sunny-state of Florida to personally inspect every property featured on this site.

You have my word that all of the properties presented on this site are only those that I would invest in myself!

Please check our SHORT SALE PROPERTIES or BANK OWNED PROPERTIES  for properties that may suit your criteria.  We update this site daily so check back often.  We are getting new foreclosures and short sales every day.

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